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Nickie Greco: Mother, AmeriCorps Member and Activist
July 12, 2011
We as consumers deserve to know what we are ingesting into our lungs and how it will affect us in the years to come.

Why I Care: Jose Cardenas, MD_MPH, American Nurses Association (ANA)
May 10, 2011
"I believe nurses are the heart of hospitals and their daily contact with hazards of the workplace is an issue that concerns everyone."

Laura Spark, Activist and Mother
April 5, 2011
"Why do I worry about things like bisphenol A in sippy cups and carcinogens in baby soap? ... Because one out of three people die of cancer, and many of these people die young."

Chemical Blowout: Frizz, Formaldehyde and Infertility
March 29, 2011
"Yes, that same stinky soup that held the dissecting frogs in 10th grade biology is now available in your local high-end hair salon."

Megan Rice, Mom and Activist
March 15, 2011
"Welcome to the world of diapers, play dates, princesses…and advocacy”

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